When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Computer?

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Are you considering changing your computer and think about the best time to do it? Well here we are to help you and answer your questions, because of course it is not a topic that we should ignore. Computers, these old friends that often start to slow down and need a change. Okay, but when?

Many components, many programs and games and a lot of complexity. The reality is that deciding when to buy a new computer depends on many factors such as the launch of new games, new components (processor, graphics card) as well as of course for what we are going to use and the age of our current equipment.

The new hardware, throughout the year

We all ask ourselves the same question: how long will my computer remain a novelty? And it is logical, for example, that we wait for a manufacturer to launch its last product to the market to buy it, and not to the previous and obsolete one.

And here things get difficult. A computer is made up of a few dozen different components, which complicates the matter when choosing a perfect moment so that everything is absolute novelty. If it is true that there are two components that stand out from the rest, and in which a greater amount of money is generally invested: processor and graphic card.

The processor is a component that evolves constantly, every very little time, and therefore its rate of evolution and update is frantic: throughout the year we have news almost month after month, of greater or lesser scope.

Intel-Lenovo-Think Pad

It is therefore very difficult to give a specific date, general and universal, although it is true that the renewals are usually annual: if a certain product is launched, for example, in the month of April, it is most likely that its successor will launch twelve months later.

If you are interested in a specific microprocessor, check the date of its first availability in the market and estimate how much is left for it to be renewed.

As a reference, it is usual that in the middle of the year (months of May, June or July) the new processor families arrive on the market, with minor renovations (that is, sub models with less news) during the rest of the year.

With the graphic cards something similar happens, although the last years have been very irregular for this sector that habitually broke records year after year. In the past it was normal to see annual renewals – I would even say that every twelve months ‘of a clock’ – but the reality is that nowadays they usually go for a year and a half or even two years.

More than knowing when the next big graphics card is coming, I suggest doing it the other way around: check the ‘age’ of the graphic card you are interested in, and ponder whether it is worth buying the one that is more than one year old. Also keep in mind that depending on the use you are going to give, it is not essential to get hold of the latest – and most expensive – model of the market.


To all this there is always an essential ally: rumors and news from specialized websites that filter the data and often advance the launch dates. They will be very useful to know in advance if you are going to launch some great novelty to the hardware market.

Finally, we will talk about all those other components that are also part of a computer, but whose importance is usually less. RAM memory, storage (SSD, magnetic hard drives), housings and chassis, cooling and so on.

With some exceptions – such as the launch of a new generation of RAM memory like DDR4 – the releases are staggered throughout the year, depending on the manufacturer and the type of component. There is no norm or a suitable date, and therefore, the only thing we can recommend is to check at any time if there is a superior technology to be able to propose your purchase.

It is also necessary to mention that the hardware is in continuous renewal and that often there is no pattern for launching the news, as these depend both on the original manufacturer of the component and on all the technologies used around it. Check the age of your new computer, study if there are news or rumors about renewals and then decide.


These teams will make use of Lenovo’s engineering design and experience along with the experience in the Razer gaming community, resulting in a series of models that will start with the Lenovo Series Y Razer Edition desktop, and continue with other teams in a Next future.

The Lenovo Serie Y Razer Edition have been announced at the DreamHack Winter 2015 and will be officially launched at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 in Las Vegas, a fair that will be held between January 6 and 9 next year and where they will be given to know all the details.

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