Tips For Choosing The Best Laptop For A Company

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The performance of a professional laptop is guaranteed by the use of Intel multi-platform processors, the current Skylake or the Kaby Lakethat will soon reach the market.

All include integrated graphics and can work together with dedicated graphics from manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA.

The user will have to assess if he needs them depending on the task he performs. In terms of RAM, all offer a minimum of 4 Gbytes expandable to 8, 16 or 32 GB depending on the model.

To cover the storage section, the market offers hard drives, hybrid drives and SSD in various formats. Its level of performance differs according to the amount of RAM installed and the storage unit, so again the user will have to assess according to their needs.


Another important section for a business user that the new professional laptops guarantee with Ethernet, the wireless standard Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth.

Many of them contemplate the option of incorporating a module for 3G / 4G mobile broadband, which ensures the permanent connectivity needed by a business user.

Another feature to value is the WiDi technology that eliminates the need for wiring, along with the new USB Type-C ports, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI video outputs or Display Port, as well as other legacy ports to protect IT investments.

Also interesting are the connectors for expansion bases that allow us to increase connectivity and productivity for desktop work.

Premium details.

Many times, a typical client only remains in the “screen size” or in the “number of processing cores” and does not value enough other aspects that are very important for a work tool.

Take for example the comfort of a good keyboard, backlit and spill-resistant, a productive touch pad panel, essential in a laptop, or a quality screen with anti reflection panel that allows us to use it outdoors.

Operating system.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the latest operating system from Microsoft, the current reference in personal computers and offers important reasons for its use also by a laptop for companies.

The vast majority of applications running on Windows 7 and 8.1 can do so in Windows 10 so compatibility is guaranteed.


The offer of professional laptops is so wide that it will be impossible for you not to find a team that fits your budget starting with very economical basic models in the environments of 500 euros.

From there, everything you need to acquire an incombustible format that is still irreplaceable for a large number of users, consumers and professionals.

Of course the alternatives to cover the computing needs in professional mobility are there, and go through the premium laptops (Ultrabook’s); tablets (the model of choice for those who need the most autonomy) and 2-in-1 convertibles, the most versatile devices on the market since they offer the functions of all the previous ones in a single device.

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