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We mentioned before that the rate of hardware renewal is constant. Year after year, almost mechanically, different manufacturers and technology developers launch new products on the market, which suppose a greater – or often less – impact on previous technology.

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What is expected in 2016? Changes Given the secrecy of the sector, the most difficult thing is to give specific launch date, even more so with the margins we currently have – a few months away – and also the improvements in performance that will occur. But let’s try to see what are the news that await us next year:

Processors: Intel and AMD as the great bulwarks of the sector, every few months have some novelty to present and launch to the market. And 2016 is not an exception, of course;

We expect renewal of all your processor families, of all ranges and products. The best thing to adjust the launch dates is to think about what they will do one year after the current models.

Important note will be the arrival of DDR4 RAM technology to other product ranges.

Graphic card: we already commented that the rate of renewal has been reduced compared to the past and it is possible that many of the current models continue to be the novelties also during 2016.

No, I ‘m sure we ‘ll also see specific developments throughout the year, of the most veteran models (especially those cards launched in 2014).


Storage: SSD technology is already established and is ideal for a PC to play. There will still be news but these will not be significant, that is, they will not mean the arrival of something completely groundbreaking and innovative.

Yes it is true that the SSD will continue to fall in pric , but otherwise remain constant. Magnetic hard drives will also maintain their performance and performance as well as their cost.

RAM memory: DDR4 will be the main novelty during 2016, already present in the most leading computers. It will reach other families of cheaper computers, including medium ranges and, perhaps, also low ranges. Surely a lot of information will be revealed during the first months of the year.

Other component: the computer market is tremendously changing and, of course, new features are not ruled out in any component, at any time of the year.

Typically, during the first half of 2016 when the first technologies are introduced (the second half is usually more focused on consolidating products for the final months) such as new chassis, ventilation systems, more powerful network adapters, monitors and screens, keyboards and mice, and so on.

There will be news in all fields, although it is not expected that these will be a point in the world of technology.

Lenovo has many novelties ahead. Of those specifically geared to the gaming world, perhaps the most representative is that Lenovo Serie Y Razer Edition that we have already mentioned, but it will certainly not be the only one;

Its Y Series laptops also for gaming will improve its features, as other ranges and families will also gain news. The common point of all these launches is that they depend on what allied manufacturers like Intel, AMD, NVidia, etc. have prepared.

This does not mean that the cycle of the current computers will close soon. The equipment that nowadays is the last will continue executing the games with great efficiency, being extremely interesting machines for the gaming world in all senses and allowing to enjoy them for many years more.

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