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A good laptop is still one of the preferred equipment to meet the computing needs of any company, along with the 2 in 1 and convertibles and premium ultra-portable that have become reference formats in the current market.

Prices adapted to any budget, different types of materials, multiple sizes, sufficient performance, connectivity, autonomy or the security required in corporate environments, are hallmarks of this large group of professional laptops from which HP offers an extensive catalog.

But how to choose the professional laptop that best suits the needs of a company?  We review the general aspects to take into account in your choice.

Screen size. :

The offer of laptops is very wide and covers sizes from 12-13 inches for lighter laptops to 17 inches for large laptops or professional workstations. They offer native resolutions from HD to 4K and the option of incorporating touch panels is an interesting complement for anyone looking for the functionality of this technology. The choice of screen size is one of the first points to consider and is not always easy, depending on the need for mobility or greater productivity and comfort offered by larger screens.

Mobility and autonomy:

In line with the previous section, we find portable models from just over 1 kilogram of weight and thicknesses below 20 mm, allowing to use the portable in mobility and transport it comfortably anywhere. The use of low-power processors, more capable batteries and the improvement of energy management systems have increased the overall autonomy of the entire group of laptops. Larger teams tend to offer more power, but generally more weight and less autonomy. Fortunately, and although they do not reach the extremes of an Ultrabook or ultraportable premium, laptops have advanced a lot in both sections.


In consumer models we can obviate certain advanced security features, but a professional laptop that must be integrated in IT environments, must have security features and enterprise-class management, either hardware with technologies such as Intel Core vPro, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 / 2.0, fingerprint reader and additional software technologies such as those offered by manufacturers such as HP, Sure Start or Client Management Solutions.

Design and resistance:

Not all laptops are the same and the market offers various types of materials and finishes, from poly carbonate to premium materials such as magnesium, aluminum or carbon fiber. Some equipment guarantees its robustness including certifications for resistance to falls, shocks and exposure to extreme conditions. An extreme that will have to value the professional depending on the work to be done and the environments in which it moves

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